Overview of Timber Stairs

Overview of Timber Stairs
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The purpose of this online course is to provide learners with an overview of timber stairs, their design, manufacture, and installation. The scope of this course includes gaining an understanding of:

  • Stair design
  • Manufacture of timber stairs and timber stair parts
  • Installation of timber stairs
  • Quality assurance

This course is intended for any person who wants to gain an understanding of timber stairs but does not require technical competence at this stage of their learning.  In particular this course will provide an overview of:

  • The considerations and requirements for timber stairs when used in an internal domestic setting, with reference to the design requirements ensuring timber stairs are fit for purpose and safe for use.
  • The manufacture of timber stairs and their components in preparation for shipping. Stairs can be supplied pre-assembled, or ready for assembly on site.
  • The installation process, including: health and safety during installation conforming to manufacturer specifications and ensuring that the installation is safe for users to travel up and down the stair.
  • Quality assurance and the process of handing over the installed stair to the end user or site manager.

The completion of this course is intended to support you in your Continued Professional Development (CPD) or in an associated role within the joinery sector.

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