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Wood Waste and Resource Efficiency
TYPE Online Course
DURATION 90 minutes
DESCRIPTION Compared with some other industries, the wood working and wood machining industry is very wasteful. Studies of the problem, conducted by the British Woodworking Federation (BWF), have resulted in the Joinery Resource Efficiency Action Plan (JREAP) – an initiative which aims to tackle the causes of wood waste and improve waste management. This module presents compelling evidence of why and how the industry can take steps to improve waste management.


The Joinery Resource Efficiency Action Plan aims to show how the timber industry can make better use of its resources, minimise waste and reduce production costs for its members. The’ waste hierarchy’ forms the core of this approach, demonstrating why companies should aim to eliminate waste from the onset, and then consider reducing, re-using or recycling waste.



The module is focussed on the three key areas of reducing, re-using or recycling waste and uses examples from industry to show good practice. You will learn what ‘your’ company can do to reduce and minimise waste, how to improve the re-use and recycling of waste materials and at the end-of-life, what the potential markets are for wood waste and correct disposal methods. This will help you to identify a waste management strategy, which benefits both the environment and reduces your business costs.